Current Speaker - Cheryl Bedard

Cheryl Bedard
Cheryl Bedard



Cheryl is the co Founder of Bedard Associates.

She brings a wealth of knowledge to her clients as a creative thinker. She has acquired a wealth of financial knowledge base and years of experience in Canada and whilst living in Mexico and New York. Cheryl serves as a member of Faculty at EP Academy, Toronto and serves on the Board of Immigrant Women in Business, Canada.

Her knowledge base encompasses marketing, sales, and branding across a wide spectrum of industries, as well as her own life experience. It is her ability to constantly apply this knowledge to her clients’ specific needs which makes a difference in her clients’ lives. She encourages her clients to dream big. Cheryl then puts the plan in place to help her clients realize their dreams. Each person’s dreams are unique, to them, and she acknowledges and celebrates these differences. She has a strong desire to create the perfect work-life balance, and she helps her clients to obtain this precious commodity. Sometimes, it is not what is spent, it is what is saved, which helps create balance in life. Cheryl’s goal is to make a difference in each person’s life.

Cheryl is a certified Financial planner.

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