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The ‘Friend of Africa’ Award is presented to socially conscious businesses, individuals and other non- profit organizations that demonstrate its commitment to the Development, Empowerment and Emancipation of Africa in the following areas: Development of Education, Health and Infrastructure, through philanthropy, investment, Industrialization, and employment generation etc. Such an Individual or Organization has created jobs, facilitated Infrastructure development, poverty reliefs and provided amenities that have improved living conditions, empowered emerging leaders and entrepreneurs and promoted development of institutions and new initiatives that now meet the needs of the people of Africa. 

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The Process

Nominations (with qualifying and verifiable points) are expected from the public. Click here to nominate your Friend of Africa.
The list  will be subjected to a review session between the 15-30th of September by the Advisory Council of ‘Friend of Africa’  Awards  Committee chaired by Ms Riza Vale. For more clarifications on the Friend of Africa Awards, kindly send your emails to

The ‘Friend of Africa’ Award will be announced each year at the FOA Economic Development Conference.
Do spread the word, nominate deserving individuals and organizations and keep a date with us.

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