Current Speaker - Idas Levato

Idas Levato
Idas Levato



Idas is the founder of WERK TO. Before then, she worked as Business Development Manager at Angel Investors of Ontario. She has a proven track record in engaging growing companies and helping them to optimize organizational skills and effectiveness; and sharpen focus on the delivery of very specific goals.

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As cognitive bias is a consistent obstacle for success in many organizations, Idas brings a systematic approach and utilize cogent behavioural economic insights to help teams discover actions and interventions which engages people and create real effective change and opportunities. This facilitates the strong foundational elements of modern, collaborative, and nimble work cultures.

Idas leads Growth by connecting, collaborating, listening, de-Risking, disrupting, & outrageous goal setting.

As a radically candid servant leader, she engages with people who really want change/insights/unleashed opportunities and believe that financial literacy empowers people to make better decisions and find great reward as a solution-driven start-up coach and venture advisor in the Toronto area.

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