Friends of Africa 2017

Friends of Africa (FOA2017): Entrepreneurs-Building Economic Stamina Conference Report

Friends of Africa (FOA) Economic Development Conference held on the 6th-7th of October 2017 at
the Grand Ball Room of the Marriott Hotel and Conference Centre, Toronto.

FOA2017 Welcome Session:
6th October: FOA 2017 kicked off on October 6th 2017 with a Pre-Conference welcome cocktail for delegates at The Marriott Bistro, Toronto.

Guest of Honor: Mr. Marlon Yarde, President Barbados Stock Exchange.
In attendance were distinguished Youthpreneurs, Professionals, Womenpreneurs, Business owners, and Captains of industry including Founders, CEOs, and Partners from Investment firms, Banks, Startups, Community Associations, Ontario Government, and the Media.

Breakfast Business Meetings
7th October: FOA 2017 hosted a Business Breakfast meeting with Country Representatives, Keynote Speakers,
Business and Community leaders, and delegates from Ottawa, African Countries, UK, US, Caribbean. Present at the meetings were Rob Oliphant-Member of Canadian Parliament, Chair of Citizenship & Immigrations at House of
Commons, Canada; Marlon Yarde, President- Barbados Stock Exchange; Julia Deans-President/CEO, Futurpreneur
Canada, and Chair, Canada’s International Women Forum; Jacques NdoutouVe- Regional Director, H2Flow, Gabon;
Nate Lowbeer- Lewis- MD, CPCS International, representing Uganda, Femi Adeniyi- Minister @Nigerian High
Commission; Millie Gateka of TD Bank, Mutabaruka- Founder @Tap magazine, Ottawa; Eyitemi Popo-Ayiba, Magazine Dr. Yemi Oyediran of Quest Rare Minerals, Montreal, Joe Sebeh of CTC World, Canada, amongst other distinguished professionals.
FOA 2017 welcomed African delegates, Diasporans, and Friends of Africa, including Fanta So Akowonu- Guinea-
Conakry, Representing the French Speaking African Community; I. Kayitare, Canadian Association of Rwandan Youths,
K. Nadasen-Sri-Lankan Community, among other African Diasporan groups.

FOA 2017- Economic Development Conference
7th October: The Friends of Africa (FOA2017) main Conference commenced with a welcome Address by Olutoyin
Oyelade, President, Casa Foundation discussing the role and impact of small businesses in the private sector for
economic development. Click for to watch CasaFoundation opening Address.

Panel Sessions
FOA 2017 featured 3 Plenary Sessions.
Presentations focused on Economic Forum, Business Forum, and the Fireside Chat on how Inclusive Growth and How Entrepreneurs Build Economic Stamina for business growth. The Fireside Chat featured Member of Parliament, Dr. Rob Oliphant and the Economic Forum featured Marlon Yarde amongst other global speakers.

Economic Forum: Inclusiveness: Impact of Entrepreneurs in Economic Development
Panelists: Olusola Oyelade-Principal Architect, Casa Developments, Nigeria
Jacques NdoutoumVe- Regional Director, H2Flow, Gabon
Panelist: Nate Lowbeer-Lewis- Managing Director, CPCS, International, Uganda