Friends of Africa 2021

 About Friends of Africa 

Casa Foundation will host her 11th Edition of Friends of Africa (FOA) Economic Summit on the 1st-3rd of October in line with its mandate to facilitate wealth creating ideas for the development of African economies and diasporan businesses. In the last 11 years, FOA has evolved to become the anchor program for professionals, businesses, and entrepreneurs looking to connect with the public, private, and investment communities globally. Following the incredible success of Friends of Africa (FOA) Economic Summit in the last ten years, the 11th Edition of FOA will be a unique experience that will bring together global influencers and leaders from the academia, government, private sector, and industry to explore the theme; Rebuilding Small Businesses for Global Trade. 

The global pandemic has caused significant damages worldwide. The impact of the pandemic has been challenging, with increased strains on institutions and economies. With the projected contraction of growth, Africa particularly could suffer revenue losses of US$500 billion (UNCTAD 2021). 

As many countries around the world begin to reopen their economies and ease restrictions, a long- term recovery strategy based on a tri-fold pillar of partnerships, allyship, and capital creation through platform such as AFCTA, APFTA, and other Country Free Trade areas might fast track recoveries especially in the emerging markets and Sub-Saharan Africa. The opportunity to contribute towards global recovery by building resilient economies will be critical to the long- term growth of African economics post COVID-19. 

Given the government guidelines regarding social distancing, the 11th annual FOA Economic Summit will be organized as a hybrid of in-person and virtual experience. Participants will convene virtually on October 1st-2nd 2021 for all summit sessions. However, the FOA Marketplace will be presented Onsite for local businesses. 

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