Past Speaker - Claudette Irere

Claudette Irere
Claudette Irere

Government of Rwanda


Claudette is the Federal Permanent Secretary- Information Tech & Innovation, Government of Rwanda

Claudette also serves as the Director General in charge of Innovation and Business Development at the Federal Ministry of Information Technology and Communications (MiTEC), Government of Rwanda

Before joining the Ministry, Ms. Claudette co-founded and setup the first Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab Rwanda), an extension wing of the knowledge lab (kLab) while diligently working for RwandaOnline Platform Ltd, a company setup to digitize Government services to citizens and businesses in Rwanda.
kLab and FabLab are the first collaborative and innovative open space facilities for tech entrepreneurs in Kigali. They are both initiatives of the ICT Chamber of the Private Sector Federation for which Claudette served as the ICT projects manager.
Ms. Claudette is also a member of Girls in ICT Rwanda, an organization of professional women in Technology that strives to empower and encourage young Girls to join STEM career paths at an early age. Each year, they organize Ms. Geek competitions that award young African women with innovative ideas.
Ms. Claudette holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Sciences from the National University of Rwanda and a Masters of Science and Engineering degree in Computer Engineering from Oklahoma Christian University.

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